December 07, 2012
Mission Upate

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Feedback From Great Day Of Service
March 12, 2012
What a blast. I really enjoyed today's work/time together. I met people I had only seen. I met people who didn't even look familiar. We worked side by side and accomplished so much. The kids working around us were great. No complaining, just working alongside us. It was really awesome. I don't know who all gets the credit for thinking this up and saying it was ok. I know Matt did a lot of work on it. But to everyone who was a part of the background, thanks.
Oh, yea, the food was great, too! :-)
Julie Boyer
I have heard nothing but great things about the Great Day of Service. The wife and I was at Lexington Square and the maintenance man was thrilled to have some of his burdens lifted from him. Going out into the community to spread the love of Jesus is a gift that can not be measured. We want to be good Christians but too many just settle for salvation. They don't go far enough to receive the full joy of having a relationship with God. Being saved is not all that there is, I am proud to belong to a church that is willing to take the lead at being Jesus to others. Plus the church dinner that followed was great fellowship.
Ray Miller
"Great day at church, service at 9 then whole church went out and served community. BFF and I stayed at church and ministered to 13 kids while their parents went out and ministered to others, what a bleesing. Had alot of these kids parents in Sunday School,Little Tots Vacation Bible School and Etc..... Can't tell you the feeling of a child walking in a room and you can tell who their parents are by the way they look and act. I feel I'm blessed each time I go into the 3rd nursery and help with these little Christian's in the making. What a big important job I have. I come away blessed each week."
Such a blessing!!
Anita Hood
What a great day and the Lord held off the rain until we left the parking
lot of church!! I have heard alot of positive feedback as well. Our team
was blessed with good workers and good projects. I've heard several
people say they want to do it again - not sure how soon but we need to
concentrate on the Revival and Easter. We are blessed to be a blessing!!
Matt you did a great job of organizing everything, you have a talent
We are all wounded healers!
Bev & Eric Hornsby
Hi Matt,
I don't want you to get a big head or anything, but all I've been hearing
about today is that Great Day of Service was awesome, well-organized,
outstanding, and so on. :-) When you meet with your team, please make
them aware of all the enthusiam and positive feedback. How exciting to be
the hands and feet of Jesus, but we get the blessing!
Still smiling...
Carolyn Rector
Enjoyed worshipping with our hands today while picking up trash and cleaning up a ballfield! Great Day of Service and yes, it truly was!
Beth Penfield
Was a great day at our hospital too. It really impressed people that we were there , and everyone worked really hard . To the glory of GOD !!!
Marinelle Phillips
Dear NTCC Family,
I do not have the words to express my gratitude for the workers who came to our home last Sunday and painted our entry way!
They did an amazing job! Thank you for your dedication and servitude.
Love in Christ
Kathie Duffin and Family
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October 25, 2011